• Welcome to my Journey!



    I’m Katharina and I’m very pleased to meet you!

    This blog is all about:
    – healthy, plant-based food and recipes
    – overall health tips and tricks
    – self-development
    – spirituality, meditation and yoga

    I’m a health scientist, so I know quite a lot about health from the Western scientific viewpoint. But during my time at university, I often thought about how health is so much more than how many calories we eat and how many minutes we move in a week.

    Health is about every single aspect in our lives, where our food comes from, what it contains, how fresh it is. How we exercise, what it does to our bodies, how it makes us feel. But also how the products we use on a daily basis affect our health, which ingredients we put on and therefore in our bodies. How happy we are. How stressed we are. Whether we have a purpose in life. Whether we spend enough time in the nature. How we calm down after a busy day. Whether we have something we believe in. How the people around us make us feel. Whether we love somebody. Whether we love ourselves. And so much more.

    Health is not just about not feeling ill.  The WHO defines health as a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease”. But this definition does not help us finding true health. Health is a journey rather than an destination. And I believe that self-development is also a part of it!

    Let us make the first steps and find joy, love and peace on this road!